Hero Challenge: Terryl Whitlatch Wrap Up



We had an amazing time with this Hero Challenge! Thank you so much to all of the participants. Your creatures were wild, beautiful, and completely unexpected.

Terryl's chosen her three favorites, and two runners up. With no further delay, here they are:


Favorite #1: mirroreyesserval


Beautiful drawing and unusual blend of serpent and  sloth--this is an exotic, attractive pet that would appeal to both reptile fans and those who adore furry mammals.   It's calm, serene attitude implies a gentle, loving pet.


Favorite #2: TruBlueArt


I love the playfulness of this marsupial-canine hybrid--it's happy cheerful expression combined with good anatomy makes this a winner, and probably a pet that one could win a frisbee match with!

Favorite #3: shambok


Wonderful character and expression--who could resist such a jolly creature and its pup!  Great technique as well as inventiveness. I love the fuzzy texture of the fur and the sly look in its eye. I wonder if it purrs!


Runner up: EricYoungArt

I really like the alternative thinking that went into the design of this creature--after all, plants are creatures too!  I'm thinking that this would also be an easy pet to care for as all it would need is good fresh water, a bit of sun, and a dash of miracle-Gro, and tender loving care from its owner! A perfect pet for the gardener - perhaps it even rids the garden of insect pests! Great personality in the face.  


Runner up: BAELUS-JAN   

This purple pet with its beady eyes, little legs, and rabbity ears is fiendishly funny, yet his fierce appearance belies both a gentle and brave personality.  He'd be a great pet to come home to at the end of a long day, and cuddle in one's lap.  Where can I buy one? 



Special thanks to our pals at Wacom for donating Intuos Pro Medium tablets for the favorites, and our friends at DeviantArt for memberships for all of the chosen artists. And of course - thanks to Terryl Whitlatch for serving as our inspiration!

Did your favorite pet make the cut? Take a look at the entries!

Want more challenges? Stay tuned: the next Hero Challenge is coming at you in March! We'll have all the deets right here on how to participate.



Important SketchBook update!


There's been an important update to the SketchBook apps. If you're using Membership desktop, Android, or iOS - download the new version right now!

Membership version 


Listening to community feedback, we tried to prioritize the most critical issues with this update. You'll notice a 'Save As' button in the gallery. Application stability has been increased across the board, including after purchasing, saving, importing and exporting images. 3rd party stylus improvment has been added, with left hand support. 

When you're in the desktop application, you'll notice a brand new experience the first time you open then app. The new screen helps you see which level you’re signed into, get info on the different types of membership, sign up or buy Pro membership, and jump to tutorials or the latest SketchBook news.

As always, there's a ton of under the hood tweaks and invisible fixes that should improve your drawing experience. Download it right away! We can't wait to see what you create.



Autodesk SketchBook Seahawk - Isabelle Dorr

Isabelle, a self-taught 14 year old Hawks fan created this beautiful version of the Seattle Seahawks logo in SketchBook Pro. When she shared her artwork on Quarterback Russell Wilson's Facebook page it went absolutely viral with 1200+ likes and 3000+ shares. Fans immediately demanded prints of her artwork. Her parents helped her set up a website where they could be ordered at 

Generously, Isabelle decided 80% of the earning should go to Russell Wilson's favorite charity - Strong Against Cancer. They've already raised a stunning ten thousand dollars. All of this caught the attention of the local news, and she landed a sweet interview with QFox13. Check it out below:


Talented in other mediums like acrylics and oils, Isabelle received Autodesk SketchBook for Christmas with her Wacom Intuos Pro. She uses the layers to her advantage, sketching and painting on different layers for each element. Her favorite tools are the Pencil, Airbrush, and Flood Fill. Isabelle says she draws because she likes to make others happy, and she spends nearly all her free time making art.

No matter what team you're cheering for tomorrow in the Superbowl, Isabelle's art is clearly a winner. Check out more of her impressive skills on her Instagram!


some of Isabelle's other Autodesk SketchBook art


Digital painting tutorial "Cougar Intensity" by Jeff Hebert

Learn how to paint digitally like a pro, step by step, with this amazing tutorial from SketchBook artist Jeff Hebert. This tutorial is for the Android mobile version of SketchBook Pro, created on a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid.

Download this tutorial as a PDF, or click the link below to keep reading.

Click to read more ...


Featured Artist: 7th Orange


When I sat face to face with the artist known as '7th Orange' at dinner, I thought about the difference between what I had imagined he'd be like, and the real person sitting in front of me. 

I expected him to have a long complicated story about getting the comic book cover- but no. For Orange, painting is just life, and life is just painting. His outlook is simple and happy. Orange is the first Chinese artist to snag the cover of a book. It's not only amazing for his career, but cool to see Chinese artists’ in the American comic book scene. 

Orange began traditional styled Chinese painting at three years old, and it became the foundation for his career. One day, he stumbled on a painting of a beautiful young woman by Ms. Chen Shufen. The image made such a deep impression that he was inspired to paint portraits. The young women in Orange’s portraits are nearly photoreal, but painterly with brushstroke details and vibrant splashes of colors. Their beauty is ethereal and otherworldly- but at the same time completely real. 


We all know the straight and narrow path we're expected to follow: enter high school, take exams to enter college, select the university and then get your dream job. Through all this schooling, Orange always knew painting was his dream. When teachers would ask, he wouldn't hesitate to say it was his future. He was totally focused on becoming an artist for his career.  For his sophomore year Orange was accepted at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou- one of the most prized art schools. Being accepted into the program there was proof that his lifelong dream was coming true.

There's no doubt that artists are different kind of people. Although Orange did have the expected aloofness of an artist in conversation, he maintained a clear and direct vision about his artwork. His fine details and precise line work are so perfect they could be 3D rendered. But of course, Orange uses SketchBook Pro.



In his own words

Marvel, although still somewhat rare in China, isn't strange work for artists who are interested in American-styled comics and superheroes. The studio's popular superhero movies have not only dominated in America, but in Chinese cinema as well. This is how a lot of my friends know the characters- such as Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk. As a longtime fan of American-style comics, I'd never miss a Marvel movie: from the very first Iron Man all the way to The Avengers.

I knew that Marvel was very picky with their artists, but that never discouraged me. It was always my dream to work for Marvel- and it's come true. 

I was invited by a friend from Autodesk to attend a SketchBook Pro party in winter of 2012, where I met an executive from Marvel. I showed him my artwork, but I was uneasy. I thought he must have seen it all before, and surely my artwork would be just another portfolio to him. To my surprise he was really interested in my work and we traded emails.

A month later, I received official mail from Marvel. They wanted me to draw the cover art for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was so excited and overwhelmed, I read the letter over and over many times before replying. 

Of course, I accepted!

Marvel sent over the content requirements for the cover. Captain America was to be leading his team against Ultron's flying invaders against a cityscape. Since I already loved Captain America, I had drawn him many times before. I completed the first sketch all in one sitting and sent it off for review. Marvel only asked for some size adjustment on the characters- but they loved everything else. I was worried I would feel a lot of pressure working for Marvel, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was just happy and excited, and was able to keep my own style with the piece. It took about three weeks it finish, but I felt like I was in a roller coaster. It felt like a dream until I held the real comic sample in my hands- with my art on the cover. 

It was an amazing journey.

- 7th Orange