We want you to get a Pro Membership!


Haven't upgraded to SketchBook membership yet? We can understand - the past versions are still pretty awesome. But we figure you've got a craving for the new tools- like Perspective and Flipbook.

We want you to indulge, so we're offering this special deal: input your SketchBook 2011 or 6 serial and get a code for 50% off a year of membership. What do you get with a Pro membership? The same great drawing experience you love, plus new features, and SketchBook access across all your devices- from desktop, to iOS to Android. Just sign into your account on any device to and access the top tier tools.

This offer is only for new Pro members, and expires at the end of January, so you'd better act fast.


SketchBook Team at CTN Expo


The SketchBook team will be at CTN Animation Expo in Burbank from Nov 21 to Nov 23! Be sure to stop by and check out Flipbook in SketchBook Pro 7. We're offering a special code for those of you who want to subscribe to SketchBook Membership on the cheap - Come by and ask for a coupon! 

If you can't make it to CTN, you can check out Flipbook from the comfort of your home! Here's part two of Mike Milo's walk cycle tutorial. (Part one of his Flipbook tutorial is online here)





Kevin Mellon Mobile Selection tool tutorial

Our good friends at Wacom asked ARCHER's Kevin Mellon to demonstrate the selection tools on the new Autodesk SketchBook Mobile. We know you can't see it, but he's using the Intuos Creative Stylus 2, which offers pressure senstivity and buttons. Check it out here:

The selection tool is only available in the Pro version of Autodesk SketchBook Mobile. If you're a Pro member, all you need to do is sign in to access the new tools!

Want to learn more about the different tiers? Check out our support page!


One SketchBook. All Your Devices.

Capture everything from your simplest doodles to your most elaborate ideas, no matter where you are, with the powerful drawing application that works across all your devices. Check out this short video to see how your SketchBook membership allows you to capture inspiration anytime and everywhere it strikes.

Then, download SketchBook on all your devices and sign in to automatically unlock additional features.



SketchBook Pro Girl by Chan Wook Min

Armed with an iPad2 and SketchBook Pro, Chan Wook Min caught our eye right away on deviantART with adorable anime styled characters and painterly touches. Chan Wook Min used the Time Lapse feature on iOS to capture the creation process of 'SketchBook Pro Girl':



What's your name, where do you live, and what is your profession?

- I'm Chan wook Min and I'm a concept artist who works in the animation industry in Seoul.


Has drawing always been an interest of yours? Do you have formal training in art?

- When I was 7~8years old I began to draw comics, and I got formal training in school ten years later.


What's your workspace at home look like? Is your desk messy, or organized? 

- I'll choose the "messy". lol!


What really gets you inspired to create artwork?

- I usually draw with feeling. I'm inspired by many different artists and many kinds of music, and I use art to express the inspiration from other medias.


If you had advice for people who want to be artists, what would it be?

- Technical skills are important but more important is just to draw and just think freely :D Drawing is a great way to express what is in your mind!


Wanna see more? Check out Chan Wook Min's deviantART !