Autodesk SketchBook @ C2E2 - Friday



Welcome to the Friday post! At 3pm Chicago time, click that player and tune in to watch our artists draw live from the SketchBook booth at Chicaco Comic & Entertainment Expo. 

Friday' schedule:


3pm - Matt Fletcher


Autodesk SketchBook at C2E2 

We're packin our bags and headed to the windy city for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2. Stop by booth #613 and hang out with the SketchBook and Pixlr team!

At our booth, we'll have the latest in digital drawing tech from Wacom & Intel including two Cintiq Companion 2's and Cintiq 27QHDs. Get your hands on these babies with SketchBook and talk shop with your fellow artists.

Here's where you can find us:


Can't make it? Watch online!


If you can't make it in person, we've got a special treat for you: we'll be livestreaming to our Youtube Channel! Tune in to see Chrissie Zullo, Chris Uminga, Lee Na Young Irene, Matt Fletcher, and Natali Koromoto show you their best. From comic art to manga, this crew has something for everyone. And who knows what kinda SketchBook tricks you can learn by watching them!

Check out the schedule here, and subscribe now to our Youtube channel so you won't forget! We'll also share the live link right here on the blog and through social media each day.


Special thanks to Wacom & Intel for all the amazing support. We can't wait to see you there!




Create perfect lineart in Autodesk SketchBook


Have you always struggled with perfect line art? Got a case of the jitters from too much coffee? SketchBook artist Ian O'Neill made this amazing tutorial to cure what ails ya. He'll show you how to make your digital inks crisp and sharp in Autodesk SketchBook. 


This is just a preview - click here to download the full tutorial. Haven't tried SketchBook yet? Get on it! It's totally free to get started. Click here to download - log in to your account - and get working on those perfect lines.


Update on Isabelle

Remember Isabelle Dorr, the generous young artist who raised over $14,000 for the SeaHawk Quarterback's favorite charity, Strong Against Cancer? She's been on our minds constantly, and we couldn't just let her story end there.

The SketchBook team collaborated with the Autodesk Foundation and our friends at Wacom to add a cherry on top of her story: not only would Autodesk donate $10,000 in her name to Strong Against Cancer, but Wacom donated a brand new Cintiq Companion 2 to let her create her inspirational artwork anywhere.

Kyle Runicman, Isabelle Dorr, Andy Mott

Her local news station visited us at Emerald City Comiccon to cover the story. Check it out:


Congratulations Isabelle- you're our Superbowl winner this year.

Want more of her art? Follow her instagram, or purchase a print at



Stephen Silver Hero Challenge Wrap Up


Stephen's chosen his four favorites out of over 600 possible combinations of characters!

Are you ready to see who got picked?  



I like this one because it expressed immediately a lot of energy and life. I really like the concept of the pads on all the arms. It felt very well designed.




What I liked about this is that it carried over a lot of thought of prop use into the design. This guy felt believable  and the actual design feels clear to me. The shapes feel organized giving it a nice balance and professional look.


This design felt unique to me in the approach of color. I feel some solid draftsmanship within the design. The creature feels like a character and has a lot of movement and life within the still drawing. 



This character feels ready to be in a production line-up. Even though it feels like a character from adventure time, It would make a perfect character in that world and would be required as a test for the show. It is well drawn and constructed.

I'll be reaching out to the users Stephen selected- they get a SketchBook t-shirt, a year worth of SketchBook membership & DeviantArt membership - and an Intuos Pro Medium!  

Special thanks to our pals at Wacom for the tablets, and our friends at DeviantArt for the memberships.

Did your favorite mixed up character take the cake? Take a look at the entries, and tell us which one you like best. Wanna be a part of the next challenge? Download sketchbook today and get started by reading the offical post for April.