Five Years of Mobile Art

Back in September, we celebrated five years of mobile art for Autodesk SketchBook. We've come so far from that incredible iPhone app released 2009! We had cake in our offices across the globe and reflected back on what's changed this past half-decade.

We asked you - our users - to submit your stories and your artwork for a special treat. Today we'd like to share that treat with you, in this special video! Check it out to learn about where we've come from, and who's joined us along the way:


Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork. Be a part of the next five years- download SketchBook today and get drawing. 


Hero Challenge: Kevin Mellon wrap-up

 Kevin Mellon's chosen his favorite images for last month's challenge- and here they are!


This has a really great sense of motion, and I really reacted to the sense of fluidity in it as well as the color choices. The sense of scale coupled with the dramatic movement really sold this one for me. Not only exciting to look at, but well executed. My personal favorite of the bunch.





This one is well drawn and rendered, but I really reacted to the “in the moment” nature of it. They say with writing “Come in late, leave early” to really execute a scene well, and this does that visually in a way that I personally gravitate toward.



This one not only conveys motion in a really exciting way, it’s super graphic and just plain funny and fun to look at. Same as the previous one, capturing something mid-moment like this is a really great way to convey an event, as well as the emotion behind it, leaving the viewer to imagine a wealth of ways this could end up!

I'll be reaching out to these users- they get a year worth of SketchBook membership & DeviantArt membership - and an Intuos Pro!  

Special thanks to our pals at Wacom for the tablets, and our friends at DeviantArt for the memberships. Congratz to everyone who entered! 

You can get featured right here too! All you have to do is particpate in the Hero Challenge. Check out this month's theme and get drawing!



May Hero Challenge: Eric Proctor


For this challenge, I’d like to see your version of the monster that hides under the bed.  Is it a fear-inducing beast that emerges the moment you fall asleep?  Or perhaps it’s an ethereal specter that delivers sweet dreams.  Maybe it’s a skittish monster that feeds on dirty socks!  

Let’s see what you imagine lurks among the dust bunnies and cobwebs.

Eric Proctor


How do you participate in the Hero Challenge? Just follow these steps: 

Click to enlarge.

Use this template and draw your challenge in SketchBook!


 Sign up for DeviantArt, if you're not already a member! 

Join the official Autodesk SketchBook group

Download the prompt and draw your image (left) using Autodesk SketchBook.

Add your entry to the DeviantArt Autodesk SketchBook group!



At the end of May, Eric will pick the pieces that met the challenge the best, and give feedback on why they hit the mark. We'll feature that art right here for everyone to see!

About the artist:

Eric Proctor grew up in the rural wild areas of the Pacific Northwest.  He spent his childhood exploring forests and mountains wondering what sort of dragons lived beyond the beaten path.
Eric studied studio art in school with a focus in oil painting.  Shortly after graduation, he transitioned from traditional medium to digital and traded brushes for a stylus. 
Working for a research laboratory, Eric is an illustrator collaborating with scientists and engineers to create concept artwork of future devices and technology. At night, he enjoys his personal and freelance work painting fantasy and fun themes.
His digital painting style mixes his background in oils with vibrant palettes and soft brushwork.
Eric's version of the monster

Download SketchBook  and get started, or check out the post over on DeviantArt.


Autodesk SketchBook @ C2E2 - Sunday


Welcome to the Sunday post! At 11am Chicago time, click that player and tune in to watch our artists draw live from the SketchBook booth at Chicaco Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Sunday schedule:

11am - 
Chrissie Zullo

12pm - Chris Uminga


Autodesk SketchBook @ C2E2 - Saturday



Welcome to the Saturday post! At 12pm Chicago time, click that player and tune in to watch our artists draw live from the SketchBook booth at Chicaco Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Saturday schedule:

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