Kevin Mellon Mobile Fill & Gradient Tool tutorial

Our good friends at Wacom asked ARCHER's Kevin Mellon to demonstrate the Flood Fill & Gradient Tools on the new Autodesk SketchBook Mobile. We know you can't see it, but he's using the Intuos Creative Stylus 2, which offers pressure senstivity and buttons. Check it out here:

The Flood Fill is only available to Pro members. If you have a Pro membership, log in to unlock the tools.

If you’re interested in learning more about the other great features Pro members get, check out !


Hero Challenge: Terryl Whitlatch




Human beings have had all kinds of pet animals for thousands of years. But, if you could design your Perfect Pet, what would it look like? For this Hero Challenge, unleash your imagination, and come up with pets of amazing, beautiful, and even peculiar pedigrees and abilities.

   - Terryl Whitlatch 


How do you participate in the Hero Challenge? Just follow these steps: 

Click to enlarge.

Download this & draw your pet in SketchBook! 


Sign up for DeviantArt, if you're not already a member! All the fun is happening there.

Join the official Autodesk SketchBook group

Download the prompt and draw your perfect pet.

Add your entry to the DeviantArt Autodesk SketchBook group!



 At the end of January Terryl will pick her favorite pets, and give feedback on why these pets were truly perfect.

 Download SketchBook today and get started! 

About the artist:

Terryl Whitlatch grew up in a family where art and science was rampant, as well as an animal ark that included everything from iguanas to horses.

 Specializing in animal anatomy, paleontological reconstruction, and wildlife illustration, Terryl has also spent over three decades designing creatures for the film and animation industry, including Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic, and Walt Disney Feature Animation.  She was also the principal creature designer for Star Wars: the Phantom Menace.

Terryl is also the author and Illustrator of three books—The Wildlife of Star Wars, The Katurran Odyssey, and Animals Real & Imagined, with two more, Principles of Creature Design (to be released early 2015), and Bestiary—the Natural History of Mythical Creatures (late 2015).  As an educator, she has created the online creature design course, Tales of Amalthea, and is also an instructor for Schoolism



Happy Holidays from SketchBook & Wacom !



Looking for that perfect gift for the artist in your life?

For a limited time this holiday season purchase a selected Wacom drawing pen or tablet and get three months free of Pro Membership! Membership unlocks the full power of SketchBook across your devices with features including Flipbook animation, Perspective Guides, and more.

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Happy holidays from all of us to you! 


Pay it Forward Bundle & Texture Tutorial

Pay what you want for this massive bundle of design assets, software, and pro creative services that you’ll love, from 16 popular brands! You'll get a year membership to SketchBook and Pixlr, plus photo packs, vintage textures, easy-to-use mockups, artistic brushes, themes, and more! 100% of your purchase directly supports Watsi.

Watsi enables anyone to fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world. 100% of every donation to Watsi funds healthcare, and the organization is dedicated to complete transparency. Since launching, Watsi has funded healthcare for 2,631 people in 19 countries.

Once you've got SketchBook and some of those neat texture packs, you can use it to add a nice touch to your artwork! Click here to check out a tutorial on how that's done.


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Announcing the DeviantArt Mobile App


Angelo Sotira
is the CEO of DeviantArt, the world’s largest online community for artists and art enthusiasts. In 2000, at only 19 years old, Angelo co-founded DeviantArt for people to share media player "skins” they had designed alongside other artwork. The site evolved into a community where digital artists could meet, share their artwork and exchange feedback with one another. DeviantArt allows emerging and established artists to create, exhibit, promote and sell their works within a peer community dedicated to the arts. Work and styles range from traditional media, such as painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, to digital art, pixel art, films and anime. 


More people visit DeviantArt in ten days than visit all of the world’s top museum exhibits in a year. DeviantArt is where people see art first, it is where art starts, where boundaries are pushed and new genres of art originate and flourish.

The DeviantArt Mobile App will expand the digital experience to hand-held devices and reveal a full range of exciting, fresh and culturally relevant content from traditional media such as painting, drawing, photography and sculpture to digital art, pixel art, anime and fan art.

The objective of the new app is to increase the accessibility of the arts by giving users, new and old, a mobile access point to browse endless streams of content as well as a way to communicate with and submit to the community 24/7.

Simply put, the DeviantArt Mobile App is the world's largest art gallery in your hand.


Key features of the DeviantArt Mobile App include:

  • Today Page – every day, the editorial team will draw from and reflect back to the community a vibrant combination of news, features, curations and conversations.
  • What’s Hot, Undiscovered, Daily Deviations and Explore – gives users ways to be liberated and inspired with extraordinary images drawn from an art collection powered by some thirty million artists and curators on DeviantArt. Features like “More Like This” associate images through member-curated Collections to provide endless entertainment and inspiration while traveling through the app by browsing layers of similar art.
  • Status Updates – post short updates and in-phone camera images in a simple and direct format that lets users create informal conversations with watchers. Status updates allow users to share how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, what they’re working on or to share the work of an artist they love.
  • Watch Feed – a personalized and easy-to-access feed of every Journal, Collection or Status Update posted by watchlist.
  • Notifications – the communication center of the app where users can manage all mentions, replies and other messages.
  • Submit – submit art and literature to DeviantArt or compose a status update to initiate rich visual conversations.

The DeviantArt Mobile App is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

One of my favorite features is “Tap and Hold”. With the “Tap and Hold” technology, users can travel far beyond the initial deviation with easy access to favorites, sharing and finding similar art. The “More like This” option is the ultimate rabbit hole for browsing more content based off of preference, my personal favorite feature in the new app. 

It’s the world’s largest art gallery in the palm of your hand and you don’t need a membership to spend countless hours in it. The DeviantArt Mobile App brings creativity to people at scale, entertaining the world with art. We ended up making DeviantArt an even more immersive, bigger experience than on the web. On the web, it’s hard to take an entire screen to focus on one image. But on mobile you can really appreciate one piece of art, which makes it a great place to start.

 Over thirty percent of existing traffic is via mobile devices. We have 33 million registered members and over 65 million monthly unique visitors. We look to mobile to significantly expand both participation and traffic. Without question, with the mobile app, more art will be seen by more people than ever before.


The SketchBook Team proudly supports DeviantArt with integration in our mobile apps. Download them now and check it out! Get inspired, get drawing, and join the official DeviantArt community for SketchBook.

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