Update to SketchBook: Improvements, Brushes, and 15 Day Trial

 If you're using membership or a mobile version of Autodesk SketchBook it's time to update your app! We've got some goodies, changes, bug fixes, and upgrades in there for you.

Here's an overview of what's new:

Back in October, we introduced membership with three levels. Seeing how it worked in our users hands these last six months we've decided to merge the Starter and Essentials memberships together. Going forward, we'll only have two levels of membership.

What does this mean for you? If you were Starter, you'll find you now have new brushes, layer options, and tools. If you were already Essentials or Pro you'll stay exactly the same.


 Not a SketchBook member yet? With this new release you can try before you buy for 15 days. Download the desktop version of SketchBook to start your trial membership.

What does it get you? Access the Pro tools across all your devices- from desktop, tablet, to mobile. Take your sketches on the go- don't stop drawing just because you're away from your desktop.

During your trial we've got all sorts of tutorials and goodies to teach you how to use the special features like layers, custom brushes, advanced selection, perspective guides and Flipbook.

Get started today - download the Desktop version to activate your trial membership.

Glow brush: This spiffy little brush makes your chrome glimmer and your fire smolder. It's kinda like having the 'Glow' blending mode in brush form. Use it sparingly, or go nuts and make your artwork sparkle.


Inking Brush: This brush has a special attribute applied to the stroke that controls opacity evenly. You'll see your opacity doesn't overlap on contiguous stokes. What does that mean for your art? Well, check it out below compared to a normal SketchBook brush and see for yourself. 


Got a bluetooth pen, like the Adonit Jot, Pencil by FiftyThree, or Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus?

Update your app for better performance across the board with enhanced tracking, palm rejection, and under the hood tweaks to improve your experience. There's even a whole bevy of bug fixes that hopefully you won't notice- cause everything should work super smooth. 

We hope you enjoy these improvments- happy drawing! Check out this vieo to learn how to activate your trial:



Membership version 



Perpetual users - (non-membership) we haven't forgotten you! Your update is coming soon. Stay tuned!



July Hero Challenge- Lois Van Baarle


The world under the surface is vast, deep and mysterious. It speaks to our imaginations - sometimes it's presented as calm and tranquil, sometimes nightmarish and terrifying, sometimes vibrant and colorful, sometimes surreal and dream-like. What is your interpretation of the deep blue?

For this challenge, explore the idea of a world under water. What kind of creatures live there? Is it beautiful, dangerous, or both?

Lois Van Baarle aka Loish


How do you participate in the Hero Challenge? Just follow these steps: 

Click to enlarge.

Download this, rise to the challenge, and draw in SketchBook! 

 Sign up for DeviantArt, if you're not already a member! All the fun is happening there.

Join the official Autodesk SketchBook group

Download the prompt and draw your image (left) . This month the challenge is to conveying motion in a still image. 

Draw your original artwork on the canvas using Autodesk SketchBook.

Add your entry to the DeviantArt Autodesk SketchBook group!



At the end of July, Lois will pick the pieces that met the challenge the best, and give feedback on why they hit the mark. We'll feature that art right here for everyone to see!



About the artist:

“I've been drawing since the day I could hold a pencil, and started teaching myself to draw digitally in 2003. I studied animation at the Utrecht School of the Arts and, upon graduating, started working as a freelance illustrator and animator, although I primarily think of myself as a digital artist.

I've always had a weak spot for mermaids, sea creatures, underwater settings and the dream-like floating effect that underwater imagery gives. It's a theme that I always return to in some way or other through the years!” - Lois


May Hero Challenge Wrap up

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.26.28 AM by reneedicherri

Eric's chosen his three favorites, and two runners up. 
Check em out below!

Favorite #1: 

The Monster Under The Bed - May Hero Challenge by dasEvachen  

The bright colors and soft painting style create an atmosphere in this painting that works so well with the light hearted theme.  I love how big the monster is and how it seems to have just randomly appeared and lifted the bed off the ground.  Looks like the kid was prepared to find the worst but found this huggable fuzzy ball instead!  Beautifully painted!



Favorite #2:
agataczerw   The Monster Under the Bed by AgataCzerw 

I  love the sense of motion and storytelling in this painting.  The monster seems to either be rescuing the child from a burning home or carrying them off to a grand adventure.  Either way, the monster conveys no sense of malice despite the surprised look on the child’s face and the departure from the lighter side of the composition as they move toward the shadows.


Favorite #3:
davidvargo  Vargo-Sock-Monster by DavidVargo

This painting is wonderfully executed and I love how the lighting and expression suggests that this monster has been caught in the act.  Great design and beautiful use of highlights!

Runner up:
griffinator  Bed by griffinator

This is a great flip on the monster under the bed theme!  This kid is completely prepared for any monster invasion.  The expressions on the characters and use of dramatic lighting make this a fun painting to look at.


Runner up:

monsters under the bed by MichelVerdu  

These little monsters have a great design and color scheme!  Their sense of wonderment and exploration of the music device is captured perfectly in their expressions.  I love the way the lighting illuminates them from below and how the blue glow radiates from the screen.

I'll be reaching out to the users TsaoShin selected!  
Favorites will get a year worth of SketchBook membership & DeviantArt membership-  and an Intuos Small with a SketchBook prize pack!  
Runners up, you'll get a three months of SketchBook MembershipDeviantArt Membership & SketchBook prize pack

Special thanks to our pals at Wacom for the tablets, and our friends here at DeviantArt for the memberships. 
And to Eric too- for being an awesome Hero. <3 

Want more challenges? Get started on June's today!
Download SketchBook for free & log in with an account for extra tools.


Autodesk SketchBook for Tattoo Fanatics

Mike Watkins is an Autodesk Employee living in the United Kingdom. You can check out his blog about Autodesk PLM 360 here.

I’m a Product Manager for of the Autodesk PLM 360. I’m responsible for ensuring the success of Autodesk customers as they deploy our PLM solutions to help drive business process efficiency and accuracy.  Helping customers discover and exceed their goals, and understanding how we can improve our products. Collecting feedback from customers and communicating this back to product development, quality and support teams to facilitate further product enhancements is a key part of my role.

But I love tattoos.

My first tattoo was a small tribal piece with a sun around it.  Nothing major - it was more about just getting inked ! I’m an old graffiti artist and I also love to draw. Tattooing was a way to carry around art with me wherever I go, right on my body, and express myself. I’ve collected so many artists over the years but I mostly like black and grey work, skulls and dark realism. My favorites are Jason Butcher, Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell  . . . . But I’m running out of room on my body!

Last weekend I took a trip to the coast to see a good friend of my Zak Chai. He's the owner of High Tide Tattoo in Whitstable, and  was prepping myself for a day of pleasure (in my mind anyhow!).

When I arrive the kettle goes on and we sit down to discuss what he's going to do on me, chewing the fat as you do. He then reaches over to the desk and picks up his iPad and goes 'So I've done some sketches on this really cool app' !

You can imaging my surprise when he shows me a copy of Autodesk SketchBook

It turns out that Zak is using this app for all of his clients work. He loves the fact that it saves on paper and sketching time and it's so easy to add layers and remove lines. Being digital it's backed up in the cloud, so he's not hunting through masses of paper trying to find that sketch, for the client who's in the waiting room !

From this he is able to print the line drawing ready to make the stencil that he applies to the skin. Then he can make any amendments to fit the shape of the body and begin the tattoo, using Autodesk SketchBook as the reference to see what the finished tattoo will look like.

I really love the fact that Autodesk products are everywhere! They are being used to help every type of creative designer from architecture, manufacturing, visual effects and even tattoo artists. 




Purchase charity art prints & help Nepal 

A special thanks to all the amazing artists who participated in Art for Hope: Nepal. Submissions are now closed. We'll be reviewing the submissions and contacting those chosen by a jury combined of both Autodesk and Viz Media.

While you wait, we're happy to announce the opening of the Art for Hope Print store on Purchase a print and all of the proceeds go directly to Build Change. Build Change designs disaster-resistant houses and schools in emerging nations and trains builders, homeowners, engineers and government officials how to build them. As an extra treat, the Autodesk Foundation will match every donation from these proceeds. 

There's eight amazing pieces of Autodesk SketchBook art for you to choose from. It's available on your choice of canvas or high quality archival prints by our friends Andrew Pawley, Chan Wook Min, Greg Baldwin of CreatureBox, Emily-Fay LunnEric Proctor, Isabelle Dorr, Matthew Fletcher, and Natalie Koromoto.

More prints are on the way- stay tuned. Keep drawing for hope and keep the people of Nepal in your thoughts. 


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