Spotlight on Peter Xiao : Symmetry tool

Over on DrawCrowd, SketchBook Pro user Peter Xiao is going nuts with the Symmetry tool.  Peter is a 27 year old artist living in Shanghai, China. He taught himself how to paint, and has been working as a professional illustrator for five years.



His biggest wish is for more people to enjoy painting, and not worry about how good they are. Peter believes that more people creating art will bring more vitality to the art world, and skill shouldn't be a factor in picking up a paintbrush or stylus.


Check out more of Peter's work on DrawCrowd.

Wanna get started with the Symmetry Tool in SketchBook? Download SketchBook here, sign up for a free account, and check out this tutorial on the symmetry tool.



Using iCloud? Be sure to backup your artwork.


Please note that 'iCloud Drive' in iOS8 is a brand new feature, separate from iCloud on iOS7. If you choose to use iOS8 iCloud Drive you will not be able to access your iOS7 iCloud items from your desktop or iOS8 device. To access iCloud Drive on desktop, you'll need to wait until Apple releases the 'Yosemite' operating system. 



It's always good to have several backups of your artwork, even if you're using a cloud storage provider. We recommend making a local backup of all your SketchBook artwork, and creating a brand new iCloud Drive if you choose to update to iOS8.

 Here's Apple's support page on how to make a backup. Don't wait, do it now!


Autodesk SketchBook and Pixlr at Fan Expo

 Check out what happens when Autodesk SketchBook and Pixlr show up at Fan Expo Canada.


What gets you inspired?

We're always looking to add new features into SketchBook. But first, we'd like to hear from you. What gets you inspired? Please take this short survey. Your answers will help shape the future of SketchBook!

Thank you to everyone who took the survey! It is now closed.


All-new SketchBook for mobile devices coming soon


An all-new SketchBook is coming to mobile devices!

We’re excited to announce today that a completely rebuilt SketchBook will be coming soon to an iOS and Android device near you, including the newly announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Check out this video for a sneak preview of some of the new features:


 A SketchBook Pro membership automatically unlocks all current and future features across all your devices, including the all-new mobile version.

Stay informed with news from the SketchBook team by creating a completely free SketchBook account. This free account entitles you to some enhanced features on the desktop version, so go ahead and start drawing while you wait. Be sure to check the box to get our emails so we can let you know when the new mobile version of SketchBook is available for download. 

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