Autodesk SketchBook users: please update your apps

The SketchBook team has released an important update. Make your you're up to date with the latest! To get the update on the desktop version, access the top menu under Help -> Check for updates. On your mobile devices check in your app store under the installed apps.


Autodesk SketchBook 7.0.6 (Mac App store only)

        - Support iCloud drive on Mac
        - Fully compatible with OSX Yosemite
         - Bug fixes


Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 3.0.2 (iOS only)

         -  Pen Mode to improve the palm rejection with following stylus:

                o   Adonit Jot Touch

                o   Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

                o   Pencil by FiftyThree

         - Bug fixes. 

Happy drawing!



Autodesk SketchBook: Five years of mobile artwork

 On September 17, 2009, Autodesk released SketchBook Mobile specifically designed for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch. Since then, it's been five years of making artists more mobile than ever - with releases made for the iPad and Android platforms.



The whole team is excited to celebrate the five year anniversary of SketchBook on mobile devices, and we want your help! Do you have a SketchBook Pro story? Or maybe some art to share, through the years?

Share your art and stories with us! We want to hear about your special memories with SketchBook Mobile. We're going to turn them into something wonderful. You can email your artwork to be sure to include this form, filled out properly, so we can use your artwork in social media.

Then follow us at @SketchBookPro or Like our Facebook page to see the stories from all our wonderful users!

We couldn't have done it without you. 



Introducing the all new SketchBook Mobile


We're proud to announce the release of the all-new SketchBook Mobile. When we say all-new, we really mean it. This release is a whole new application with big changes. You'll find across your Android and iOS devices - whether it's a phone, tablet or phablet- the SketchBook experience will be virtually identical.

There's also been changes to the purchasing options. Download and start drawing immediately for free. If you'd like more features like layers and brushes simply login with your SketchBook Account.  Already purchased a subscription to Desktop? Perfect! Once you login you'll unlock all the features of SketchBook Mobile automatically.

Not a subscription member yet? That's ok too. We've got a Pro package you can purchase for a one time fee. More packs will be released so be on the lookout for extra features! But if you choose to subscribe, you'll never miss out on a new pack.

Domain Expert Kyle Runciman put together this PDF with everything you need to know about the new features and subscription tiers. Give it a look!

 Get SketchBook now from these stores: 



App Store    |    Google Play



Brandon Dicks - Digital Art & Gallery Shows

My name is Brandon Dicks, Mr. Dicks for short. I am a user interface artist at a mobile game studio by day and a cute monster wrangler by night. 

I got started in gallery shows in 08' when a group of friends at Blur Studios decided they wanted to have an art show and asked me to join in! I had 3 pieces in the show at the Gnomon Gallery in Los Angeles: 1 digital and 2 acrylic pieces (Broken Kite, Silly Cephalopod, and Picnic Baskets) . Even though none of my art sold (I did sell a few accompanying prints though), I learned a tremendous amount from the experience!  I was also fortunate enough to be able to participate in a charity event held at Munky King for the Mattel Children's  Hospital at extremely short notice. I made a custom Funkeys toy (GaDzooky) that was sold at the silent auction during the show.   

 I feel there are a lot of benefits to doing gallery shows. You get your name out there. Someone attending the show could love your art and buy your piece and that helps build an audience. You meet awesome people. It will help push your craft and trade. It's like.. good for your soul. I find the more shows I'm doing, the more art I'm making, and that works for me!

 Networking and asking gallery curators about upcoming shows works the best! I've also found out about shows by attending conventions and other art shows too. Word of mouth is an awesome thing. So is just introducing yourself and your art to people and seeing what happens. 

 The medium I use for my digital art depends on the piece. My 'Monster Girls' series art went from being made on an iPad with Sketchbook Pro then directly to my own printer for prints. My other pieces started out of digital concepts that were then transferred to stretched canvas and then hand painted in acrylics. Sometimes I'll make turnaround on my iPad for toys and then sculpt them.. I like to mix it up.

If I had to pick one SketchBook Pro tool as my favorite  - I'd pick the palm rejection shield. Now you may be thinking .. 'Really?! The palm shield.. But Brandon! iPads have Bluetooth 4.0 and most of the new styluses have palm rejection, why?!..'

Listen..  I primarily use Sketchbook Pro on an old iPad and for a while all of my art was done without a stylus so my hobbit like finger had to do. The shield would let me get the accuracy and line work I wanted while riding on a bus to work or while traveling on a plane. 


See more of Brandon's work on his website.  


Drawtober is upon us

What's Drawtober?

Drawtober is a 31 day drawing challenge started by the SketchBook team in 2013. It's back and better than ever! This year, we're celebrating Drawtober with our friends over at Microsoft Surface!  Improve your skills, challenge yourself, and get to know everyone in the Microsoft Surface &  SketchBook Community!


How do you join in?

- Be a member on deviantART.
What- you aren't already? Sign up today and join the world's largest community of artists online. Be sure to join the Autodesk-SketchBook group and the Microsoft SurfaceArtGroup.

Watch the account ~Drawtober
Each day in October, a blank canvas will appear with a creative prompt, like this. 
Nobody knows what the prompts are until the morning of! That's part of the fun- can you challenge yourself to draw something on the fly?

Take the blank canvas that gets posted new every day, download it, and draw the prompt. 
Download SketchBook and get creative. Use your imagination. Go crazy. Do you create a literal interpretation, or do you see the prompt in a different way?

Upload your finished piece to your own DeviantART account, and submit it to the Autodesk-SketchBook and SurfaceArtGroup.
All the submitted entries for Autodesk SketchBook will go in this folder and be separated by the day. Be sure to check out the other entries from both communities. Share the love by adding them to your favorites and leaving comments. Everyone loves a comment.

At the end of the 30 days, we'll do a recap post on the SketchBook Blog! Your art could get featured right here and be seen by our huge audience!







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