Open Toe Illustration

I'm Silvana Mariani, a Digital Designer and Creative Consultant based in Milan, Italy. I'm the creative behind Open Toe Illustration. All Open Toe illustrations are sketched with SketchBook Pro on an iPad mini with Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus. At the moment I'm working in team on the new digital identity of EXPO Milano2015. My inspiration for illustration comes from the allure of fashion design. It's part visual attraction, part fashion factor, part costume and culture.


The most important thing about fashion illustration is the feeling, first of all. It's less about composition or rendering than other kinds of illustration, and more about communication and reporting. It's about capturing trends, events, and people.

I have a crush for many different designers, usually for their genius or just the concept of their last collection. Sometimes because I simply like how they dress and style their models! A few of my favorite brands are Chanel, Lanvin, Margiela, Gucci, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Tabitha Simmons, ...


Every moment is a good moment for my kind of illustration, but I used to work in the evening when everything calm down. With an americano or tea at my side: it helps me give rhythm to my work.



2014 Pogo Art Contest


Our friends at Ten One Design are running their yearly art contest, open to all mobile digital artists. Check it out!



DeviantART Hero Challenge

What's a hero? A hero is inspiring. A hero dares to do something outside the norm. But a hero can also be an everyday person, just like you and me. 

For this event, the SketchBook Team has decided a 'hero' is anyone using SketchBook professionally. That could be someone known in the industry, or someone who is just starting out.

Each month, the selected SketchBook hero will challenge you with a drawing prompt. Download the provided prompt, and rise to the challenge by drawing your ideas on the prompt. 

You have the whole month to think about the best way to illustrate the prompt. Just be sure to submit it by the last day!  

At the end of the month, the hero will check in on your progress. They'll look over all the entries, and select a few that stand out. The hero will explain in a blog post why they feel these entries met the challenge perfectly.

This event is taking place over on our official group. Sign up today, join our group,  and join in the fun. The first challenge launches July 1st.


What's New in the all-new SketchBook Pro?

Hey everyone,

Over the past couple months, we've been teasing you with some of the new features being added to SketchBook Pro. With the all-new release getting closer and closer, it's time we let you know about all the new additions. 

Check out the PDF download below for a detailed breakdown of all the new features and improvements, including Distort Transform, Persistent Selection, Gradient Flood fills and more. 

This is a big release for the SketchBook team, and we are super excited to unleash the all-new SketchBook Pro into the capable hands of our users!


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Sneak Peek: Perspective Tool Tutorial

We've just uploaded another video focused on the powerful Perspective Guides in the all-new SketchBook Pro. 

Scott Robertson made an excellent video covering the technical aspects of the tool a few weeks back, so make sure to check that out as well, if you haven't already. 

In this video, I take you through my process of building a cityscape sketch in 3-point Perspective, from start to finish. 

This tool makes sketching environments and backgrounds so much more fun. 

Of course, the Perspective Tool isn't the only awesome addition in the upcoming release of SketchBook Pro, so keep an eye out for more content from the team as we edge closer and closer to the big day.

We're excited to get these tools out there! 


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