2.0 Update for Android Tablets

SketchBook Pro 2.0 for Honeycomb is available on Android Market!

Feature Highlights:

√ Interface Improvements
  ∙ Customizable quick access brush and color palettes
  ∙ Option for customizable Radial Menu 

√ Export to SD

√ New Brushes
  ∙ 30 new brushes

√ Smooth Brush Stroke option

√ Auto Saving Mechanism
  ∙ Reduces likelihood of losing work on the active canvas


Special promotional pricing!

Take advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE prices!  Get SketchBook Pro and SketchBook Mobile from Android Market at great prices.

SketchBook Mobile is an Editor's Choice App!

Creative Studio Comics & Concept Art

If your are into Comics, Sci-Fi and Concept Art & Design, you really don't want to miss the Creative Studio.  We've assembled incredible talent from across multiple fields... From seasoned veterans who've worked on some of the biggest titles and projects to the ultra-talented up-and-comers, you will not be disappointed.  The Studio's intimate environment really provides access to engage and meet these incredible artists & designers... or if you are more the observer-type, sit back and enjoy these guys present or create original pieces from scratch.

Don't forget to bring your autograph book!

For the Comic fans...

C.B. Cebulski serves as Marvel Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Creator and Content Development where he scouts for talent on an international level. Crisscrossing the globe month after month, C.B. is always on the hunt for the best and brightest new artists the world has to offer. C.B. will be presenting on Nov. 29 and will be hanging out through the 30th.

Phil Noto is an American artist. After college he started a career in animation at Walt Disney, working on features such as Lion King and Lilo & Stitch.  In 2001, he started his comic career as a cover artist for DC Comics.  Since then, he has worked on numerous titles, including Superman/Supergirl, Batgirl, Danger Girl, Avengers, and Jonah Hex.  Currently, Phil is an exclusive Marvel artist and is working on X23.

Christopher Uminga is an illustrator whose work focuses on superheroes, monsters and creeps. He has been featured in several galleries on the west coast and in many private collections around the globe. Christopher has worked on projects for Mezco Toys, Interscope Records as well as Marvel Comics. He currently lives in Connecticut and is plotting world domination with his two Boston Terriers.

Billy Fowler is an independent comic artist and freelance illustrator from Durham, North Carolina. He graduated with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Appalachian State University in 2005. With a foundation in classic art making Billy has an eye for color, clean lines and anatomy which he is able to manipulate giving his drawings a unique twist.

Matthew J. Fletcher is a Connecticut-based freelance artist.  Inspired by Science Fiction, Mythology, and Comic Books, Matthew uses his kinetic style to bring life to heroes, monsters and robots.  Matthew's work has been featured in galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York.  In addition to his gallery work, Matthew has worked on various independent projects ranging from children book illustrations to webcomics.

VIZ Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga (graphic novel) for English speaking audiences.  Candice Uyloan & Joel Enos from the VIZ team will be in Las Vegas, joining us for the Art for Hope launch on December 1st.


For the Concept Art fans...

You say you love Sci-Fi, robots, fantasy and monsters?  Well, we've got some of that..

Jay Shuster worked on the Star Wars prequels at Lucas Film and then joined Pixar to work on the original Cars movie.  He was responsible for the design of WALL•E and EVE in Andrew Stanton's Acadamy Award winning Animated Feature.  More recently he was Art Director for Cars 2 and produced a staggering 150 new characters that extraploted into 1050 paint and dress variants.

Daniel Simon is a concept vehicle designer.  From his roots in automotive with Bugatti and VW, he has extended his creative talent into multiple directions.  He has contributed designs to recent blockbusters like Tron Legacy & Captain America, as well as Formula 1 Hispania Racing.

Jacques Pena is a full time Digital artist, providing work for such companies as Sony Online Entertainment, Harmonix, Neoscape Inc, Maxon and Autodesk. Jacques is currently Senior Artist and one of the founding members of Fire Hose Games in Boston.

Russell Paul is an award winning visual effects artist. He works at Industrial Light & Magic where he has contributed to some of the biggest blockbusters of all time, including Star Wars, Transformers, Iron Man, and Rango.

Mathieu Lesage is a senior product designer at Autodesk.  His background is industrial design and has worked around the world designing consumer products and cars.  He is now responsible for the design direction and user experience for the SketchBook product family.

Kyle Runciman is the artist behind many of the SketchBook videos and demos that are available on the web.  Kyle's love for traditional drawing lead him into studying design.  Today, he is a concept artist and illustrator working at Autodesk and contributes to the design & development of SketchBook products.

Spencer Nugent is a professional industrial designer, but illustration has always been his true love.  After graduating the industrial design program at Brigham Young University, he founded, a website dedicated to helping art students hone their sketching skills. He is co-founder of Studio Tminus, in Sacramento.

Shaun Mull grew up in admiration and awe of the fantasy & sci-fi artists of the time. Inspired by the fantastical worlds & half naked vixens painted by Frank Frazetta to the amazing off world structures and craft of John Berkey, which today still influence him.  Shaun's day job is working on a UK Defence Contract.  He fulfills his artistic passion as a freelance artist, the majority of the work produced is digital and in the conceptual design genres of games & film.


Venetian Hotel
Level 2, Ballroom G

Hours of operation
Tuesday, Nov. 29 - 9:30am-7pm
Wed & Thurs, Nov 30 - Dec 1 - 9:30am-6pm


If you are a Facebook user, you can let us know you are coming: CLICK HERE

To see the full Creative Studio Schedule: CLICK HERE


Creative Studio Art Tools

The Creative Studio is just an empty space without the guests, collaborators and tools that are breathing life into this extrodinary event.  Not only is it a privilege to get the support from so many notable partners, but I'm happy to announce that they are active participants throughout the show.

Epson printers will be available for all our printing needs.  Epson printers were also used to produce all the high quality prints appearing in the Art Exhibit.
Eddie Murphy is part of the design, development and marketing team with Epson Professional Imaging. The Creative Studio will be equipped with Epson printers, and Eddie will be onsite DAILY, sharing his technical & product knowledge, as well helping print your stuff on canvas, fine art papers, or even photographic media... real archival prints!  You can see Eddie do a water 'squeak test', where he pours water on a print and rubs it until it squeaks.

 Everybody knows the powerful combination of SketchBook and a Wacom tablet on desktop computers.  Our team and guest artists will be showing off the creation of original pieces using Cintiq 21 and (the new) Cintiq 24s.  There will also be a few Wacom Inklings on-hand for people to try out.  Charmaine Haden of Wacom will also be joining us at Autodesk University and will be making appearances at the Creative Studio DAILY!

Copic Markers are the highest quality markers available, and we are proud to feature them with Copic Colors in SketchBook Pro for Mac & Windows.
You'll be happy to learn that members of the Copic U.S. team will be joining us in the Creative Studio.  John Darland, owner, and Jackson Root will be on-site DAILY.  Jackson, artist and Copic expert, will be on-hand to demo SketchBook's marker features as well as sharing his tips and tricks with the real, non-digital Copics!

On Thursday, December 1, 11AM, we will also have some Copic Q&A on the stage!

Venetian Hotel
Level 2, Ballroom G

Hours of operation
Tuesday - 9:30am-7pm
Wed & Thurs - 9:30am-6pm

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To see the full Creative Studio Schedule: CLICK HERE


Creative Studio Make!

What do Comic Artists, LEDs and Laser Cutters have in Common?  They are just a few of the activities available in the Creative Studio.  Whether it's sketching, crafting, laser cutting, or making a mini-marshmallow gun out of PVC pipe, come play with us!

Guest Speakers

Here are just a few highlights of the guests who will be appearing!

Tuesday, November 29, 2:30PM
Ever think about having your own life-size Droid?
Michael McMaster has done just that. In this presentation, learn more about Michael and what it takes to build an R2D2.

Wednesday, November 30, 12PM
Jeffrey McGrew comes from a deep background of business, architecture, and the industry of construction.  He is the founder and co-owner of Because We Can.  In this presentation, Jeff will talk about his part in creating a 50' art car for Burning Man 2011.

Thursday, December 1, 10:00am
David Calkins works for Lego and is president of the non-profit Robotics Society of America. He (and a bunch of robots) will be onhand to talk about the robotics behind Lego Mindstorms and about RoboGames - the world's largest robot competition. 


In the workshop we'll have stations set up for hands-on making, so come and have some fun. 

Use 123D to design and then laser cut your own creations on one of 3 Epilog laser cutters right there. Build your own marshmallow shooter from PVC pipe and then try it out, or make LED Throwies, one of the most popular and adictively fun instructables ever concocted.

 If you are a Facebook user, you can let us know you are coming: CLICK HERE

To see the full Creative Studio Schedule: CLICK HERE


SketchBook at AU China 2011

AU China 2011 is in full swing and SketchBook is there!

Members of our SketchBook team, including Toby Wang, Sam Chan and Jacky Shao are at the event in Bejing presenting and connecting with Autodesk customers and SketchBook fans.

A few weeks prior, Toby held a 'SketchBook Salon' at our Shanghai office where more than 40 artists came to meet the local team and participate in workshops (see photo below).  This was the first time we've had a SketchBook gathering in any of our offices and not only was it a success, it was a great preface for the team going into AU China!

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