Designer Workflow Tips

Mathieu Lesage, Product Designer at Autodesk, provides an overview of a few key SketchBook Designer worfklows.  Leveraging his indepth experience with SketchBook and years of automotive & creative design background, Mathieu shares some of his personal tips & tricks.

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MK&G Follow-up

Following the opening of the Stylectrical exhibit at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, many of the contributing artists of the iPad Wall traveled from around the world  to participate in dynamic workshops that ran September 3-4.

The artists included Jonathan Grauel, Fabric Lenny, Kara Jansson, Luis Peso, Joseandrés Guijarro, Simone Kirschning, Gabriel Palacios, Thierry Schiel, John Bavaro, Gautier Coudor and Benjamin Rabe.

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Spotlight - 9dkid


Jacques Pena (9dkid) is a multi-talented, award-winning artist...  From traditional penciler & digital painter to hyper mesh modeler & mograph artist. 

I began as a Illustrator and Painter, constantly drafting and brushing away every single idea that came to me on a giant canvas board that hardly could fit in my bedroom room let alone my studio space. This lasted from high-school through college. My education of Arts through the years help define ways to spread my creativity in other mediums, which included CG art, Architecture, and character art. When I received my first artist position after college, I was mainly put into the creative role of film and animation. I began as a storyboard artist, concept artist, and prototyping visual effects. It was getting my hands dirty into every aspect of the creative field that help me get too where I am.

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Designer 2012 Updates

Updates for SketchBook Designer 2012 (Service Pack 2) are now available for Mac and Windows. This update is free for all Designer 2012 customers.

Service Pack 2 includes

  •  Increased stability and improved quality in the following areas: Guide Curve transform, vector selection, copying curve data across layers, and File Open and Save operations
  •  Improved hardware support allowing greater selection of systems to run SketchBook Designer
  • Apple Mac OS X Lion compatibility (Mac only)
  • Increased stability with SketchBook Designer for AutoCAD Add-in (Microsoft Windows only)

Patches for Windows
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►Click to Download 64 Bit Version

Patch for AutoCAD 2012 Add-in
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Download Mac (Retail licensing)
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Download Mac (Enterprise licensing)
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*A full installation is required



Lenovo Event

Updated on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 5:50AM by Registered Commenteradsk.chris

Yesterday, Lenovo hosted a media event at W New York, Union Square

They announced the launch of the ThinkPad Tablet, a customized Android Honeycomb device geared towards business professionals and enterprise.  Autodesk was among the invited partners who presented at the event.  With a pressure senstive stylus and palm rejection, the ThinkPad Tablet can become a creative tool with SketchBook Pro for Android, one of the first apps to take full advantage of this feature.

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