Spotlight on Rubens Lp

Rubens Lp is a freelance illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil.  He works with ad agencies, magazines, product packaging, the fashion industry and has contributed to projects for some of the major brands from around the world.  His client list includes such companies as Absolut Vodka, Burton Snowboards, Coca-Cola, MTV, Nike and Nintendo.


I was born in 1981 in São Paulo, Brasil and since then I have been drawing and lnterested in everything related with visual arts.

My earliest memories are myself sitting on my uncle's lap with pens in-hand and many papers. I would have been 4 years old. Drawing is my definition as a person. My work and my hobby.

Before becoming an illustrator, I worked as a web designer and also studied industrial design in college so I have a strong influence by design in my creations.

My biggest inspiration is beauty.

I like things that are pleasing and visually seductive. Many of these things I find in nature and especially in a woman's body. 'Woman' is pure beauty and charm.

Another thing that inspires me is simplicity. I live the quote 'less is more'. The song of a bird is so simple and also so rich and do so well to me...

Without iPad I could not even be painting because I do not feel comfortable painting with mouse or tablet. I like to see where I'm going through the brush. Without the iPad I would not be doing these things. Another thing is that I can paint more comfortable lying on my bed.The end result is a much more relaxed paint.

All art presented here courtesy Rubens LP, created on iPad using SketchBook Pro.

To see more of Rubens' professional work and iPad creations, visit:


The SketchBook 'Android' Challenge 

With the 2012 International CES happening now in Las Vegas and Mobile World Congress around the corner in February, we wanted to kick-off our first SketchBook Fun Challenge of the year for all the Android users out there.

Pick up your Android Phone or Android Tablet and whip up YOUR interpretation of this open-ended theme: "What the Android Did".  Use your imagination... to design your own, or place the familiar guy in an unusual setting, or just plain make a beautiful image using one!  Have fun with it; doodles, sketches and illustrations of all styles welcome. 

Send to us by January 22, 2012 and we'll feature the most creative and compelling submissions here on SketchBook News!


■ THEME - "What the Android Did"

■ DEADLINE - EOD Sunday, January 22, 2012.

■ EMAIL it to us (as a link or attachment) at
   Include your name, where you're from, and the device used

If you do not have SketchBook on your Android, you can download the FREE Express version from Android Market or Amazon Appstore.

Notes: 1) Please no submissions created using iOS or desktop for this challenge! 2) This is not a contest --submissions will not be judged for awards/prizes.  Any images selected as Editorial Content and will require creator's prior consent.


Vote for us! is hosting the BEST APP EVER AWARDS again!  SketchBook Pro has been nominated for its iPad and Android Honeycomb versions. 

Click below to vote for us!  Deadline for voting is January 25, 2012 and winners to be annnounced at Macworld/iWorld Expo.

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2011 Retrospective

It isn't easy to condense the many moments and events that happened over the last year.  With that said, however, here is a quick TOP 10 RETROSPECTIVE LIST for SketchBook in 2011, in semi-chronologic order...

The Mac App Store Launch
Announced in October 2010, there were 90 days for us to prepare and submit SketchBook for review.  On January 6, Apple launched the Mac App Store (OS X 10.6.6) with more than 1000 available applications, including SketchBook Pro and SketchBook Express.  To date, we've been able to reach more 'desktop' users through the Mac App Store than ever before!

O Magazine, Let's Get Creative
January 11, teaming up with Oprah's O Magazine to deliver a free sketching app (SketchBook O) released in conjunction with their  “Creativity” issue was our first big collaboration.  Not only was it the foundation for today's SketchBook Express, it also made subsequent team-ups and co-branded versions much easier for us thanks to that experience, such as The Copic Edition which we released in July collaborating with Too Corporation, makers of Copic Markers.  

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Drawing References by Dave Bentley

This series of reference images was created by Dave Bentley.  Click on each image below to see the full-sized 1024x768 versions.  You can download them to your computer or device and import them as an underlay in the Layer Editor.

Thanks to Dave for creating this fun way to share tips & tricks!  Hope you enjoy!

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