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This week's Focus in Crain's Chicago Business, "The App: SketchBook Pro  || The user: Helmut Jahn, CEO, Murphy/Jahn Inc.".  The article, by examines how SketchBook and the iPad have transformed how this well-known Chicago-based architect is doing business.

A video, Going Mobile, with Lisa Leiter (embedded below) further explores how small businesses are harnessing the power of their smartphones and iPads.  It captures some excellent footage of Helmut talking about and working on SketchBook Pro.

"Especially when i travel, I got so used to it that I wonder sometimes what I would do if i wouldn't have it."- Helmut Jahn

Learn more about Helmut Jahn, visit Murphy/Jahn Architects or


Good Day Wisconsin!

This morning, Fox 11 featured a live interview of Susan Murtaugh on Good Day Wisconsin with host Rachel Manek.  Susan is exhibiting 'My Old Flame" at The Flying Pig Gallery  through the month of July with a Plein Air Paintout happening this Saturday. Susan Connor of the Flying Pig expects more than a dozen traditional and digital artists from the gallery to be demonstrating at the Paintout.

If you are in the Doora County area and want to participate (or just come to watch artists in action), make sure to stop by the Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace.  Susan will be bringing a printer, so prints will be made on demand!

Congratulations, Susan!  Have a great show & paintout!

For more of Susan's art, visit her Flickr photostream:

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VIZ Media Team Up

San Francisco, CA, July 7, 2011VIZ Media, the largest distributor and licensor of anime and manga in the North America, announced today a collaboration with Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) to create a limited edition digital art book anthology that will be sold through VIZ Media’s Manga App, with 100% of VIZ Media’s net proceeds going to support disaster relief efforts in Japan. All of the artwork in the collection, titled ART FOR HOPE, will be created using Autodesk SketchBook® digital paint and drawing software applications.

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Visiting The Ruin City - ASUKA111

Patipat Asavasena, aka ASUKA111, is a freelance artist based in Thailand.  He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Kasetsart University, but turned down an opportunity to work in the engineering sector after realizing he wanted to pursue a different direction.  Instead, he joined VIRUS Studio in 2006 as a concept artist, starting his career as an artist.

"Drawing makes me feel immerse concentration. I really enjoy it because I can see the things that I usually don't see."

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Pro for iPad 2.0.3 update

This latest update includes fixes to 3 issues:

The Color Swatches now properly display the 'Alpha' (erase) color in the Swatch panel andin the customizable Color Palette

App freezing in specific cases where the custom Brush Palette is touched mid-stroke

Opening standard resolution canvases from the Gallery when High Resolution is enabled causes only 4 layers to properly loaded.

We would like to send out thanks to all the customers who reported these issues and then worked with us to track down the cause of some of these issues.

2.0.3 is now available on the App Store.