Stylectrical in Hamburg

The MK&G, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, will be opening "Stylectrical – On Electro-Design That Makes History" on Aug 26th. 

The exhibition takes a look at the complex development processes of industrial design in a cultural studies context. The focus is on design by Jonathan Ive (1967), who has been in charge since 1997 as senior vice president of Industrial Design for the California-based Apple. The exhibition traces the development of the company's in-house design and provides an example of  popular design with a comprehensive insight into scientific issues related to design history.
"Fingerpaintings go MUSEUM!"...  The exhibit will also include a fingerpainting portion of art created on iPhone and iPad, displayed on 10 wall-mounted iPads. 

Benjamin Rabe, co-organizer of the fingerpainting portion, did not take the classic submission path for assembling the collection,  "I did not want to be the sole juror and become a decision bottleneck for a typical  submission lottery."  Instead, Benjamin focused on collaboration, involving a group of artists who each invited fellow artists to share an iPad and work together to create pieces specifically to the theme of the exhibit.



"...a truly collaborative show emerged. The participative element will also be extended to museum visitors who will be encouraged to leave ideas, sketches, and doodles on an 11th iPad.", Benjamin explained. The weekend following the opening, two days of workshops, led by many of the participating artists, will extend fingerpainting even further in the public´s grasp.
The fingerpainting portion features work from:
• John Bavaro (Erie/USA), with Gabriel Palacios(MEX), Sal Navarro and Craig Newsom(both USA)
• Benjamin Rabe (Hamburg), with John T. Halliday(KAN)
• Kara Jansson-Kovacev (New York/USA), with TheCoalfather(USA)
• David Navas (Los Angeles/USA), with Fernando del Hierro (SPA)
• Fabric Lenny (Holmfirth/UK), with Jonathan Grauel(USA)
• LaLegraNegra (Cuenca/SPAIN), with Borja Grodenaue(SPA)
• Luis Peso (Grananda/SPAIN), with Cedric Philippe(FRA)
• Matthew Watkins (Bari/ITALY), with Lumilyon(UK)
• Mia Robinson (WashingtonDC/USA), with Sandy Schmidt(USA)
• Susan Murtaugh (Wisconsin/USA), with Deborah McMillion(USA)


"Stylectrical – On Electro-Design That Makes History" is curated by Ina Grätz for the Museum for Arts & Crafts in Hamburg.  The exibit runs from Aug 26, 2011 to Jan 15, 2012.

The Opening Reception will be held tomorrow night, so more images and news to follow!


Hot - Tutorial by Susan Murtaugh

SketchBook Pro for iPad - HOT Tutorial PDF

Susan Murtaugh - My favorite all around spice is cayenne pepper, the one in the jar. I love the heat, you can use just a tiny shake or mix it with other things to spice things up. I also love the Sriracha, it's thick and shinny red/orange but it's loaded with sodium which I'm trying to avoid eating too much of these days.

I'm very fickle [about what I paint], it just depends on the day. One day a ketchup bottle looks great, the next day.... ketchup bottle, why???? If I see something and it grabs my attention I will usually make note to investigate it further; Or snap a photo right then and there.

I always carry a camera or my iPod Touch. If I'm out and about and I see something cool I snap it at that moment. This happens a lot in antique shops that I like to visit. This also applies to a cool car or street scene. Then when I get home I'll print out a 4 x 6 photo on my trusty little Epson Dash printer. I keep all the photos in a 4 x 6 recipe box, so when I'm bored or looking for something to paint, I ruffle through and pick one. I find the photo easier to use when I'm not in my studio, like in my living room or on the porch. In the studio I will put the photos up on my iMac. I often use 2 or 3 different photos to make one composition anyway, it's just easier for me.

If I'm making a static still life, like "Hot", I'll paint from life. I'll set items up on a little movable table and I usually use a single lamp to "hold" the lighting while I work. You'll notice that many of my backgrounds have nothing to do with real life at all. That's the fun part. First I paint the subject then I explore how to finish the piece and make it really different. I guess that's my abstract side!

For more of Susan's art, visit her Flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/suzi54241/


The Arrival - Tutorial by Shaun Mullen

SketchBook Pro for iPad Tutorial - Pencils to Paint using a Limited Palette

Shaun Mullen: This tutorial will take you through the steps I use when working from a pencil sketch through to painting using limited palettes, by careful consideration of colour you can increase the impact of certain elements within your painting. Within the steps demonstrated I will cover points on composition, visual storytelling, Chiaroscuro along with other methods I use in completing a painting.


About Shaun Mullen:

Shaun resides in a costal town in the UK and works on a British Defense contract as a senior electrical commissioning engineer. In his spare time, he enjoys creating art... not just any art, but rich worlds with tremendous depth and detail. This is the 3rd Tutorial contributed by Shaun. The YouTube video below features Shaun from AU Mobile Art Gallery 2010.

Learn more about Shaun at www.mull-art.com

Find more tips, trick & tutorials on the GURU page


Competition: [UN]Restricted Access

[Deutsch] [Français] [Español] [Italiano]


Architecture for Humanity laun ched a graphic design competition to identify a compelling logo for the 2011 Open Architecture Challenge called [Un]Restricted Access

This year's challenge is focused on re-purposing vacant military structures and sites.  It will catalyze awareness, ideas, and most importantly - action.

Through a global forum, designers and architects will develop solutions that reconnect military and civilian  communities.  The history of these important spaces will be highlighted and hidden potential uncovered.  

The goal? Utilize these sites and structures for the greater good. But first things first.

Create a logo and website header that will serve as the global symbol of [UN]Restricted Access.

Submissions are due no later than August 26 at 24:00 PST.  You can enter and find all necessary guidelines and information on the Open Architecture Network.

$500 USD and a pair of night vision goggles.  Yes, we're for real.

Have a question? Contact us. Please write in the subject line: OAC 2011 Identity Challenge.

Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit design services firm founded in 1999. We are building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design.

By tapping a network of more than 50,000 professionals willing to lend time and expertise to help those who would not otherwise be able to afford their services, we bring design, construction and development services where they are most critically needed.


Hot Autodesk Apps

With the launch of 123D Sculpt and Pixlr-o-matic last week, Autodesk Apps are HOT on the App Store charts.  This week, SketchBook Pro and 123D Sculpt made a pair holding #1 positions for both Paid and Free apps in the Entertainment category for iPad.

Delivering an unprecedented 3D sculpting and painting experience on the iPad, 123D Sculpt has hit Top 5 overall iPad app around the world.

►Read more about it on USA Today.

Pixlr-o-matic is the first new app to launch under the Pixlr brand since the announcement of Autodesk's acquisition of Pixlr last July. This retro-effect photo app has hit #1 in the App Store's Photography catetory and is a Top 20 overall app!