Creative Studio Vegas

The Creative Studio is a hands-on space celebrating the creative spirit; showcasing SketchBook, Pixlr, and 123D family of apps... plus featuring inspiring guest artists and speakers.

This special event is happening in conjunction with Autodesk’s annual user conference, Autodesk University.  It is completely free to attend for the general public as well as all registered attendees of the conference.

The 5000 square foot space offers a creative setting where professionals, aspiring artists, and hobbyists can come together;  packed with incredible artists, designers, experts, exhibits, and hands-on workshops, the Creative Studio is sure to inspire!

Come join us in Las Vegas if you don't want to miss this unique event!

Hours of operation
Tuesday - 9:30am-7pm
Wed & Thurs - 9:30am-6pm


For the SketchBook Fans...

The Creative Studio hosts a spectacular SketchBook Program.  Any fan of art, comics, or concept design for film & games will appreciate the line-up of guest artists, speakers, and our art gallery exhibit. Bring your iPad, iPhone or tablet to participate in daily life-drawing sessions; or just come to meet and collaborate with fellow artists or meet the SketchBook team.

Here are just a few highlights of what we have in store:

C.B. Cebulski is just a guy lucky enough to be working in comics. After a decade of editing in the Japanese, European and American comic book markets, Cebulski now serves as Marvel Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Creator and Content Development where he scouts for talent on an international level.

Presenting 6PM Tuesday, November 29.

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iCloud for SketchBook Pro

Version 5.2.2 of SketchBook Pro is now live on the Mac App Store!

√ iCloud Support
∙ Option to save files to iCloud
∙ New Gallery to view content on iCloud
∙ Save Options to optimize canvas export to your iPhone or iPad

This update introduces a new Gallery for uploading and downloading canvases from iCloud. Users can toggle between the local finder and the iCloud Gallery at any time.

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Tricks for Treats!

With Halloween upon us, we have treats for the first 50 people who send us seasonally-appropriate, ORIGINAL SketchBook artwork!

Treats = 50 Free copies of SketchBook Pro Mac or Windows... while supplies last!  First come, first serve!

If you already have SketchBook Pro, spread the word and tell your friends to download any of the Free versions or the Trial and create a spooky sketch immediately! Click here for  SketchBook downloads on Facebook

Send images to

To get everyone into the mood, check out these zombies by our friends at CreatureBox.

Update- Oct, 28, 2011 at 3:54PM

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Thanks NYCC 2011

Now that New York Comic Con has come and gone, I wanted to wrap it up with images and highlights from the week.

This was the first time we've ever exhibited at NYCC in our own booth, so we learned a lot... and definitely had a great time!

Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello, to draw, try out 123D Sculpt, ask questions, or simply watch the artists during their drawing sessions. 

This New York visit also had the added treat of visiting Joe Quesada at Marvel.  Not only did I get to meet some of the editors and crew there, but Joe treated me with seeing some of the art he's been working on, including this awesome Spiderman piece that he started with SketchBook Pro! Later, he tweeted the entire process, which can be seen at check it out!

Our booth would not have been possible if it wasn't for the partners & artists that came out to support us.  I particularly want to thank all the artists for sketching their guts out and really making people happy.  Thank you!

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Peso Coffee - A Mobile Tutorial

We've featured Luis Peso before... He is a gold-smith, artist, winner of the SketchBook Hero competition in 2010 and an instructor.  Earlier this month, Luis attended iAMDA's Mobile Art Conference in New York City and presented a hands-on workshop on behalf of Autodesk (above photo taken by Corliss at NYU ITP).

Here, we are pleased to present a  SketchBook Mobile tutorial created by Luis, but before we begin a few of his hand written notes...

In this tutorial, Luis walks though his method of 'blocking' and developing this stunning image.

Along with demonstrating his workflow and techniques in a step-by-step  manner, Luis also touches on the tools and interface of SketchBook Mobile and how he uses it to achieve the results he desires.

To download or view the complete PDF Tutorial, click HERE or click on the image to the left.

To read our previously posted spotlight on Luis, click HERE.