2011 Retrospective

It isn't easy to condense the many moments and events that happened over the last year.  With that said, however, here is a quick TOP 10 RETROSPECTIVE LIST for SketchBook in 2011, in semi-chronologic order...

The Mac App Store Launch
Announced in October 2010, there were 90 days for us to prepare and submit SketchBook for review.  On January 6, Apple launched the Mac App Store (OS X 10.6.6) with more than 1000 available applications, including SketchBook Pro and SketchBook Express.  To date, we've been able to reach more 'desktop' users through the Mac App Store than ever before!

O Magazine, Let's Get Creative
January 11, teaming up with Oprah's O Magazine to deliver a free sketching app (SketchBook O) released in conjunction with their  “Creativity” issue was our first big collaboration.  Not only was it the foundation for today's SketchBook Express, it also made subsequent team-ups and co-branded versions much easier for us thanks to that experience, such as The Copic Edition which we released in July collaborating with Too Corporation, makers of Copic Markers.  

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Drawing References by Dave Bentley

This series of reference images was created by Dave Bentley.  Click on each image below to see the full-sized 1024x768 versions.  You can download them to your computer or device and import them as an underlay in the Layer Editor.

Thanks to Dave for creating this fun way to share tips & tricks!  Hope you enjoy!

Other posts featuring Dave:
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Season's Greetings!

As the year draws to a close, we would like to take this moment to thank all of the SketchBook users out there for their support over 2011.  It has been a record-year filled with noteworthy events and activities.  We've also been so inspired by your artwork & creativity, the personal stories you've shared with us, and by the generosity displayed during times of crisis (a special thank you to all the contributors and supporters of Art for Hope).

We have welcomed many new fans over the last two years, but we also have many who have remained loyal since SketchBook's humble beginnings more than a decade ago.

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes to each and every one of you from all of us at Autodesk!

Cherry Pinup 022 by Paris Christou

Bike Craft - Asuka111


Asuka111, aka Patipat Asavasena, is an artist based in Thailand. We've received lots of positive feedback about his previous tutorial, so we are pleased to offer his latest tutorial 'Bike Craft'.

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Asuka111 is also a contributor in the ART FOR HOPE e-book for ongoing disaster relief in Japan (available in the U.S. & Canada).

To learn more about ASUKA111, visit



I-Wei Huang is an artist, animator and, as a hobby, tinkers with robotics.  He's been featured in a dozen magazines with his real steam-powered robotic contraptions, including Popular Science, Popular Mecanics, Robot, and Make. He lives in the Bay Area and is a Character Concept Artist for Toys for Bob, a video game studio.  Three years ago, he had an amazing opportunity to work on SKYLANDERS with studio head, Paul Reiche (of Star Control fame).  Here, I-Wei shares that story with us.

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