Lenovo Event

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Yesterday, Lenovo hosted a media event at W New York, Union Square

They announced the launch of the ThinkPad Tablet, a customized Android Honeycomb device geared towards business professionals and enterprise.  Autodesk was among the invited partners who presented at the event.  With a pressure senstive stylus and palm rejection, the ThinkPad Tablet can become a creative tool with SketchBook Pro for Android, one of the first apps to take full advantage of this feature.

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Stylectrical Reception

Stylectrical. On Electro-Design That Makes History

Last night, the Stylectrical exhibit opened to the public. Opening remarks were made by the director of the museum, Prof. Dr. Sabine Schulze, to a packed theater. Attendees included a member of Parliament, noted academics and directors of German cultural institutions in addition to members of the media.  

The hallway leading into the Stylectical exhibit features photographs by Michael Tompert.
Above: 'Targeting', 2009 iPhone 3G, Mode of Destruction: 9mm Heckler & Koch Handgun. Digital Pigment Print, 38"x48", Face mounted on 1/4" Acrylic Glass.

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21 Days to Contribute


There are only 21 days remaining until final submissions for this Japan Disaster Relief project.

Share your artistic vision of HOPE to contribute to this important cause.



Motion FX


It’s here – the latest app in the FX Family, Motion FX, is now available on the Mac App Store!

With five modes – Motion Detect, Color Detect, Face Detect, Effect Paint, and Video Warp – Motion FX gives users options to apply smoke, fire and a variety of other fluid effects to the real-time movements captured by the built-in or accessory video camera on their Mac.

There are DJs out there who love to use another FX app – Fluid FX – as part of their show.  Motion FX supports multiple displays so that users can control the effects on one screen and display the output on a secondary screen – perfect for video artists performing before an audience.

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Stylectrical in Hamburg

The MK&G, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, will be opening "Stylectrical – On Electro-Design That Makes History" on Aug 26th. 

The exhibition takes a look at the complex development processes of industrial design in a cultural studies context. The focus is on design by Jonathan Ive (1967), who has been in charge since 1997 as senior vice president of Industrial Design for the California-based Apple. The exhibition traces the development of the company's in-house design and provides an example of  popular design with a comprehensive insight into scientific issues related to design history.
"Fingerpaintings go MUSEUM!"...  The exhibit will also include a fingerpainting portion of art created on iPhone and iPad, displayed on 10 wall-mounted iPads. 

Benjamin Rabe, co-organizer of the fingerpainting portion, did not take the classic submission path for assembling the collection,  "I did not want to be the sole juror and become a decision bottleneck for a typical  submission lottery."  Instead, Benjamin focused on collaboration, involving a group of artists who each invited fellow artists to share an iPad and work together to create pieces specifically to the theme of the exhibit.



"...a truly collaborative show emerged. The participative element will also be extended to museum visitors who will be encouraged to leave ideas, sketches, and doodles on an 11th iPad.", Benjamin explained. The weekend following the opening, two days of workshops, led by many of the participating artists, will extend fingerpainting even further in the public´s grasp.
The fingerpainting portion features work from:
• John Bavaro (Erie/USA), with Gabriel Palacios(MEX), Sal Navarro and Craig Newsom(both USA)
• Benjamin Rabe (Hamburg), with John T. Halliday(KAN)
• Kara Jansson-Kovacev (New York/USA), with TheCoalfather(USA)
• David Navas (Los Angeles/USA), with Fernando del Hierro (SPA)
• Fabric Lenny (Holmfirth/UK), with Jonathan Grauel(USA)
• LaLegraNegra (Cuenca/SPAIN), with Borja Grodenaue(SPA)
• Luis Peso (Grananda/SPAIN), with Cedric Philippe(FRA)
• Matthew Watkins (Bari/ITALY), with Lumilyon(UK)
• Mia Robinson (WashingtonDC/USA), with Sandy Schmidt(USA)
• Susan Murtaugh (Wisconsin/USA), with Deborah McMillion(USA)


"Stylectrical – On Electro-Design That Makes History" is curated by Ina Grätz for the Museum for Arts & Crafts in Hamburg.  The exibit runs from Aug 26, 2011 to Jan 15, 2012.

The Opening Reception will be held tomorrow night, so more images and news to follow!