Creative Studio Mobile Art

A great deal of SketchBook's recent success has been a result of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets devices as an artistic tool & medium. For this reason, mobile art will be well represented at this year's Las Vegas Event.

If you have any interest in mobile devices and what they are capable of from a creative perspective, you definitely need to visit us at the Creative Studio ... And, it is completely free and open to the public, so don't miss this extrodinary line-up of guests & activities.

Venetian Hotel
Level 2, Ballroom G

Hours of operation
Tuesday, Nov. 29 - 9:30am-7pm
Wed & Thurs, Nov 30 - Dec 1 - 9:30am-6pm

Presentations & Activities

Mobile Art Workshop
Tuesday, November 29, 12PM-1PM
This session is for anyone interested in Mobile Art to watch or participate direclty with artists to learn more about their tips and tricks.  Artists include Deborah McMillion, Matt Connors, Sal Navarro, Shaun Mullen, Luis Peso plus many more!

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Creative Studio Calendar

Autodesk University, Las Vegas

SketchBook in the Creative Studio, Vegas
Creative Lounge Program (see below)

Venetian Hotel
Level 2, Ballroom G

Hours of operation
Tuesday, Nov. 29 - 9:30am-7pm
Wed & Thurs, Nov 30 - Dec 1 - 9:30am-6pm

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SketchBook AU Classes

If you are a registered attendee for Autodesk University 2011, regardless of your background or what track you are in, you mustn't miss the classes or the activities happening around SketchBook!


Reasons You Should Care about SketchBook

It's an essential communication tool/technique that can accelerate business.
See why this skillset is the fastest way to get a project going in the right direction.
Learn how it can promote creativity and innovation in your pipeline 
Bottom-line... the SketchBook line-up is going to blow your mind!


Session Spotlights

FC6585 Tuesday 3:15PM-4:45PM Lando 4203
Chris Cheung is the Product Line Manager for the SketchBook Products.  You won't leave this class embued with magical drawing skills or learn 'how-to-use' any specific features, rather, this session is the ultimate overview on how and why sketching can affect your business & your personal life.  This inspirational and informative session will reinforce 'why freehand sketching rules!'

Chris will also be in the Creative Studio DAILY.

FC6586 Wednesday 1:15PM-2:45PM Munro 3202
Kyle Runciman is the artist behind many of the SketchBook videos and demos that are available out there on the web.  With Kyle's Product Design background, his broad range of drawing styles, and expertise with digital sketching techniques, this session will take you from zero to 100 with SketchBook Pro.

Kyle will also be in The Creative Studio DAILY.

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Creative Studio Art Exhibit

The Art Exhibit is one of the main features of this year's Creative Studio event in Las Vegas.  The gallery space will be showing two different collections:  The 2011 AU SketchBook Gallery & a selection from the Art for Hope Japan disaster-refief anthology.

Susan, our curator, reports that all the artwork has been printed, framed, packed and is ready to make the trip to Las Vegas.

"My approach to this years collection was to show the wide range of work that can be made with all the SketchBook apps. I picked some artists that we featured last year... Those who attended AU 2010 and saw our gallery will be impressed with the personal growth and continuity. We’ve also added five new artists that stretch the limits of the apps. I know viewers will be blown away by the diversity of style and technique represented in this year's collection."

The Art Exhibit is yet another reason to attend The Creative Studio!  Don't miss it.

November 29 - December 1
The Venetian Hotel
Level 2, Ballroom G
Tuesday - 9:30am-7pm
Wed & Thurs - 9:30am-6pm

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Creative Studio Vegas

The Creative Studio is a hands-on space celebrating the creative spirit; showcasing SketchBook, Pixlr, and 123D family of apps... plus featuring inspiring guest artists and speakers.

This special event is happening in conjunction with Autodesk’s annual user conference, Autodesk University.  It is completely free to attend for the general public as well as all registered attendees of the conference.

The 5000 square foot space offers a creative setting where professionals, aspiring artists, and hobbyists can come together;  packed with incredible artists, designers, experts, exhibits, and hands-on workshops, the Creative Studio is sure to inspire!

Come join us in Las Vegas if you don't want to miss this unique event!

Hours of operation
Tuesday - 9:30am-7pm
Wed & Thurs - 9:30am-6pm


For the SketchBook Fans...

The Creative Studio hosts a spectacular SketchBook Program.  Any fan of art, comics, or concept design for film & games will appreciate the line-up of guest artists, speakers, and our art gallery exhibit. Bring your iPad, iPhone or tablet to participate in daily life-drawing sessions; or just come to meet and collaborate with fellow artists or meet the SketchBook team.

Here are just a few highlights of what we have in store:

C.B. Cebulski is just a guy lucky enough to be working in comics. After a decade of editing in the Japanese, European and American comic book markets, Cebulski now serves as Marvel Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Creator and Content Development where he scouts for talent on an international level.

Presenting 6PM Tuesday, November 29.

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