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We are happy to introduce a new online support service for SketchBook users. Ask questions and find solutions with other SketchBook users from around the world. The SketchBook team is also onboard to provide responses to questions and comments. We encourage all users of SketchBook to ask and answer questions, provide feedback, and give inspirational ideas to help us build a valuable bank of information. 

The SketchBook Help support community is powered by Get Satisfaction, a reliable service used by many reputable companies. To take advantage of this powerful support tool, you do need to register an account... It is a means to keep this a safe and spam free community. 

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Events Listing

■ JANUARY 22, 2012
SketchBook Fun Challenge 1

What the Android Did...

■ JANUARY 31, 2012
Design Challenge 12

Photoshop on Blue-ray

■ February 15, 2012
SketchBook Fun Challenge #2

Year of the Dragon

■ February 27, 2012
Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

■ March 3, 2012
SketchBook Toronto

Event @ Autodesk Toronto

■ March 7, 2012

Mobile World Congress

■ April 13-15, 2012

Chicago's Pop Culture Event

■ June 22-24, 2012
Heros Con

Mobile World Congress

■ July 12-15, 2012

San Diego International Comic Con

■ August 7-9, 2012

SIGGRAPH Los Angeles

■ August 23-26, 2012
Fan Expo Canada

■ October 11-14, 2012

New York Comic Con

■  2012

More 2012 Events Coming Soon...



Tutorials by Shaun Mullen

Shaun Mullen resides in a costal town in the UK and works on a British Defense contract as a senior electrical commissioning engineer.  In his spare time, he enjoys creating art... not just any art, but rich worlds with tremendous depth and detail.  It is our pleasure at SketchBook News to share not only a little about Shaun, but also two incredible tutorials that provide deeper insight on his techniques and process.

PDF Tutorials:

The Chase

Crash Landing




In His Own Words:

A new idea or theme can come from the simplest of phrases or from something I've seen or read.  My personal work is generally based on environments as I really enjoy creating new worlds, sometimes an idea can come from random strokes of colour or quick strokes of a pencil, you could compare it too seeing forms and shapes in clouds, I guess.

Anything can trigger me to start a new painting which is why the iPad and SketchBook Pro have become an essential tool for my art, I can pick it up anytime of the day and instantly get the idea down.  There are times when its harder to be creative and I've found the more I try the worse it gets, especially when a deadline looms, best to sit it down, grab a coffee and relax.  Leaving a painting for a little while can really help illustrate any errors in composition or colour mixes.

When working in the engineering sector everything is more precise and most complex systems have specific methods and restrictions in place which are to ensure health & safety, reduce the risk of damage and catastrophic failure.  With art, although there are principles and methods there is much more freedom to push those methods to find something more personal and intuitive.  I think engineering has given me more structure and a little more discipline to continue with a painting when things aren't going as well as I would like.

I work quite quickly and I like a set up where everything is within easy reach, I like to be able to flick between tools instantly and configure them to my liking.  I gelled with SketchBook Pro 'straight out the box' as it gave me the tools, options and configurations I required and it had the ability to produce professional standard work.  I've noticed that the quality of my work has increased as my understanding and control of SBP has improved, through learning the program I can now configure it to replicate a multitude of strokes and effects for best results.

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SketchBook @ WWDC

[Courtesy of MacLife]

Today, SketchBook was highlighted at the WWDC keynote.  Since the launch of the Mac App Store, Autodesk "has seen 1 million new users on the Mac", said Phil Schiller.

Sketch by Jay Shuster