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Featured artist - Chuan Zhong

In March, the Spectrum jury convened to vote on the submitted artwork for Spectrum 20. One of the selected pieces was by Chuan Zhong, an established artist based in Shanghai. Chuan Zhong recently added SketchBook Pro to his digital toolset, which was used exclusively to produce his final submission.  


I have always loved drawing since my childhood and learned graphic arts in 1996. From 1998 onward, I really began to focus on traditional drawing including sketching and coloring. In university, I was exposed to CG painting and discovered my interest in fantasy and magic. Since then, I’ve contributed to many projects for many companies, and yet, I still have a dream of becoming a concept designer for movies.  

My inspiration mainly comes from life and film. In my spare time, I like to travel, always taking lots of pictures. These photos often become the sources of my creations. Movies are another source of inspiration. I love all kinds of movies and study my favorite movie scenes. Since many movie scenes are not realistic, they can give me a lot of ideas. As a side bonus, I also pick up techniques for lighting, composition and design.

Work in progress in SketchBook Pro 6

I created my submission for Spectrum 20 after watching a movie in the cinema. It was a story about a group of prisoners and their hard & long escape from a Siberian camp.  There were scenes depicting how the prisoners passed the time, that there was nothing for them to do except playing cards and telling stories to each other. These simple stories were able to uplift their spirits.  When you think about it, even with access to unlimited amounts of entertainment, many people are still unhappy or unsatisfied.  I found this idea really inspiring and based the piece around it. I wanted to emphasize the facial expressions, aiming to build their character through their emotion. 

For those out there who are still learning, my message to you is this:

 放下包袱,梦还是要追的,加油!(Pursue the dream!)

 See more of Chuan Zhong's work on deviantART: http://chuanzhong.deviantart.com

Spectrum is a collective reponsible for releasing amazing and inspiring art books. Their mission: "To promote the fantastic arts and provide an annual showcase for contemporary artists."

Reader Comments (2)

Stunning work. ^Up^

June 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSuzi54241

Hi Chuan, very nice technique & artwork! Could you illustrate the technique with a brief tutorial? Many thanks.

June 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIvan

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