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HI-FI's "Unofficial User Guide" iBook

Brian and Kristy Miller are the founders of Hi-Fi Colour Design. They color major comic book titles as well as paint artwork for toy makers, movie studios and games companies. They just released a new iBook "SketchBook Pro for iPad - The Unofficial User Guide".

We asked Brian to tell us more about this iBook and the inspiration behind creating it.

Brian Miller: 

SketchBook Pro for iPad - The Unofficial User Guide is designed for anyone who wants to start creating with their iPad yet maybe they are unsure how to use all of the tools and features found within SketchBook Pro for iPad. The goal of the book is to make it easy for anyone to start creating with SketchBook Pro for iPad from the moment it's first downloaded and launched. Kristy and I lead new users though the software interface and introduce the tools and innovative features of SketchBook Pro for iPad in a way that is easy and fun for users of all ages.

Some of the content is interactive allowing you to tap and see more information about tools and settings, swipe step-by-step through image galleries showing you how to make and save your favorite colors and brushes, even watch embedded video revealing power user tips. There and entire sections for saving and sharing your artwork so all your friends can see what you have created using SketchBook Pro for iPad. 

Last year, we debuted How to Paint Comics Books with the iPad at Comic-Con International (aka San Diego Comic-Con) to a standing room only crowd. The panel was packed with people excited about creating artwork with the iPad but not sure where to start, what apps to use, and there were many questions. Some people would say, "someday the iPad will be ready to create professional artwork but not today" and we could show them actual Marvel book covers that were painted using the iPad. I think that opened a lot of minds as to what is possible using the iPad and SketchBook Pro for iPad.

The iBook includes interactive elements.

SketchBook Pro for iPad was the first app to offer seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop on my Mac which is a must for me at the team of creators at Hi-Fi. I'm a big believer of using devices that allow me to focus more of my time being creative and less trying to figure out how to make things work. I call my iPad my mobile art studio because I can create anywhere at anytime from sketches I want to capture in real time to bigger projects like posters and cover illustrations. 

My productivity and creativity have exploded using the iPad because I don't have to wait until I get back to my desktop to work out my creative ideas. I can do it where and when the inspiration strikes. I just open SketchBook Pro for iPad create a quick sketch and I know the essence of what I envisioned is captured.

A perfect example is a vintage style travel poster I recently created to help raise funds for an archaeological excavation in the land of frankincense. I walked around the excavation site drawing sketches of the ruins, captured some photos of local camels and scenery and then sat down and sketched out the concept for the illustration, all using the iPad.

Check out "SketchBook Pro for iPad - The Unofficial User Guide iBook" today. 

Reader Comments (3)

Well Done Brian. And the dig is so exciting too.

June 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSuzi54241

The guide is not for sale in South Africa ( i-tune store)Is there a way that we can get a copy?

June 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterFluit

My productivity has increased and I don't have to wait till I get back to the studio too. Holy cow I'm using a Galaxy tab 10.1 equipped with an S-pen. No iPad how about that.

July 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommentersteveD

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