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Tutorials from Gurus

Synthetic Paint Techniques by Lena Le

SketchBook Pro desktop

Lena shares with us some of her techniques and workflows using synthetic brushes in SketchBook Pro for Desktop.

The Basics of SketchBook Pro 6 by Paris Christou

SketchBook Pro desktop

Disney-trained animator & illustrator, Paris Christou, shares a YouTube overview of SketchBook Pro 6

Get to Know Your Lagoon by Kyle Runciman

SketchBook Pro desktop

Kyle explains how to customize the Lagoon and Marking Menus on SketchBook Pro for Windows and Mac.

Video on Linework & Painting by Calum Watt
SketchBook Pro desktop

Calum shares a 38 minutes YouTube video that walks through several examples of how he uses SketchBook Pro for linework & painting and Photoshop for effects and lighting. 

Customizing Brushes by Kyle Runciman
SketchBook Pro desktop

This PDF provides a comprehensive walk-through of customizing brushes and the effects that different parameters have on the resulting strokes.

Illustration Walk-Through by Paul Shipper
SketchBook Pro desktop

Paul provides insight on his workflow with a real-world project he did for Australian DJ duo, Kyro & Bomber.  Click HERE for to read the blog post or HERE for the PDF version.

■ Design Rendering Tips by Kyle Runciman
SketchBook Pro desktop

Kyle walks through design rendering tips using a simple headphone concept.  Click HERE for the full uncompressed version.

■ Coloring Techniques by Kyle Runciman
SketchBook Pro desktop

Kyle walks through a few basic coloring techniques and tips using SketchBook Pro on Windows.

■ Painting from the Moon 
SketchBook Pro desktop

The third Manga-style tutorial SketchBook Pro by Patipat Asavasena

■ Baby Dora Tutorial by Luis Peso 
SketchBook Pro for iPad

This is a walk through of Luis' Baby Dora (kitten) drawing.

Smoke Tutorial by Shaun Mullen
SketchBook Pro for iPad

This tutorial will guide you through some basic steps to create the appearance of smoke or vapor.

■ Drawing References by Dave Bentley

This series of 15 images can be used as 'underlay' layers in any version of SketchBook to reference some of Dave's drawing Tips & Tricks.

SketchBook Pro for iPad & Mac

The second comprehensive Manga-style tutorial demonstrating both iPad and Mac versions of SketchBook Pro

German Coffee by Luis Peso
SketchBook Mobile

A step-by-step workflow and overview of SketchBook Mobile.

■ WORKFLOW TIPS by Mathieu Lesage
SketchBook Designer 2012

An overview of Designer using an automotive case study. 

A still life tutorial celebrating 'hot' spices.

  ■ The Arrival Tutorial by Shaun Mullen
SketchBook Pro for iPad

This tutorial will take you through the steps I use when working from a pencil sketch through to painting using limited palettes.


 ■ Printing Tips

Many people have questions about printing, especially when working with Mobile apps that produce relatively smaller canvas sizes. In this post, Susan shares some of her tips and tricks with respect to printing.

 ■ Is SketchBook Pro for You?
SketchBook Pro

Carsten Bradley is an artist, storyteller and designer.  He has recently created a SketchBook Pro series on Slumber Groundthat, in his own words, 'isn't a how-to guide or a review'

 ■ 'Visiting the Ruin City'
SketchBook Pro for iPad

In this tutorial, ASUKA111 goes through the entire 12 hour process in the creation of Visiting the Ruin City.

 ■ Tutorials by Shaun Mullen
SketchBook Pro for iPad

Shaun Mullen resides in a costal town in the UK and works on a British Defense contract as a senior electrical commissioning engineer.  In his spare time, he enjoys creating art... not just any art, but rich worlds with tremendous depth and detail.

 ■ SketchBook for iPad Tutorial
SketchBook Pro for iPad

Susan Murtaugh (suzi54241, as she is known on Flickr) has been a long time user of SketchBook Pro on her Mac and was one of the first users of the Mobile and iPad versions.  Not only is she incredibly talented, she is also an active member of the community, always participating on forums and sharing her knowledge.

 ■ Jim Lee: 80 Minute Wonder Woman
SketchBook Pro for iPad

Legendary comic book illustrator Jim Lee treated his followers on Twitter to an inside look at the creative process behind a Wonder Woman portrait done with SketchBook Pro for iPad.

■ Designer Tutorial by David Bently
SketchBook Designer

The series of tutorials walk through the project from an initial brief through exploring concept generation, refinement, and final illustration.